Terms and Conditions

Renewal Policy

You understand that QB customer support inc plan will not renew at end of your subscription. However our representative would call you 7 days prior to the expiration of your service to renew it. There is no obligation until and unless you want to extend the services with us for the next term.

Terms and Conditions

It is assumed that you will have read and accepted the following terms and conditions before accepting service from QB customer support inc or making payments. By accepting our terms and conditions, or by registering with us, or receiving any services from us, you

1.   You certify that you are 18 years or older;

2.   You declare that you have the legal rights and/or authority to represent yourself or the organization on behalf of whom you are accepting the agreement;

3.   You have read and understood the entire terms and conditions document;

4.   You acknowledge that we can rely upon the information you provide; and

5.   You agree that by accepting, you are bound by this agreement.

Terms of service

QB customer support inc is an independent technical support services provider firm providing unparalleled support for QuickBooks. Any use of third party trademarks, images, products and services mentioned on this website have been used only for referential purposes and accounts by QB customer support inc has no affiliation with any of these third party companies unless such relationship has been expressed specifically. As Certified Pro-Advisors, and the fastest growing Independent provider of Bookkeeping support and Technical Assistance for QuickBooks

Compliance is our first concern, and support may be available elsewhere by the owner of the product.

Contract Sign Up

After mutual agreement to provide service to you and taking the payment agreed, we will send you a digital contract or pre-authorization form to fill out. This digital document will work as an authorization proof for the services provided by us. Once filled up and signed, you will receive a copy of the same via E-mail or digital link. Customers who have no access to a printer or scanner can also authorize us to charge their account via E-mail and that would be considered as a pre-authorization statement for the services rendered. 


You agree to pay the fees for the services, as agreed with QB customer support inc representative. Though, upon mutual agreement the payment can be made one time or in installments or afetr a certain time period of completion of work. Preferred modes of payments are credit cards (all major cards as Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover), debit cards and e-Checks. Payments with reflect in your credit card/bank statement as "QB customer support inc"

Refund Policy

For subscription based plans, a full refund will be issued if QB customer support inc, Inc has not been able to resolve even a single issue for you within 15 days of the subscription. If there are more than one resolved issues, the fees for the subscription service will not be refundable. Notwithstanding this, QB customer support inc may, at its sole discretion and on a case by case basis, agree to a refund of prorated subscription fees after deducting $299.99 as minimum service charges for servicing the Customer, whichever is higher. There will be no refunds for one time support service. For all "cloud service plans", we can refund only 50% of the total sale amount within 15 calendar day period. There will be no refund for cloud subscriptions after 15 days of sign up.

Advance payments for One-Time QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Services rendered are not refundable.

There is no refund for any license purchases. 

Customer agrees to wait for atleast 7 business days for refunds to be processed and reflect on their credit card statement. Due to the payment terminal regulations, we can only issue partial refunds with a company check in case a refund is requested after 60 days of initial sale.

QB customer support inc at its sole descrition can also send the agreed refund amount in the form for a business check. 

We do not accept returns of non-Intuit software, professional services including pre-paid time, product training, software (non Intuit products), shipping & insurance charges.

If a shipment is damaged in transit, please do not throw away the packaging and contact us upon receipt to file a claim.

Shipping and Insurance costs are not refundable.

Damaged items, used items, opened items, or items purchased more than 15 days ago, are not eligible for a refund.


If you are dissatisfied with the work performed, you must submit your complaint in writing or E-mail to info@qbcustomersupportinc.com within Fifteen (15) calendar days of the service being performed otherwise you expressly relinquish any ability to dispute the quality of service and any related refusal to pay our service and related charges. We will act in response to your written complaint as soon as we are able to and will endeavor to resolve the issues regarding your complaint. All complaints that are not resolved will be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration as set forth herein. We will act in all reasonable ways to establish the nature of the problem(s) that require our professional attention and to locate, analyze and correct those errors or problems. Nonetheless, we do not promise that, despite our best efforts that we will be able to successfully resolve the problems you have retained us to check up and repair. Consequently, you are still liable for and must pay us for our time spent attempting to repair your problems even if we cannot, using all reasonable efforts, produce actual repairs.

Trademarks, Service Names, Service Marks, and other Intellectual Property You are not authorized to use our trademarks, name, or any aspect of our various elements of intellectual property in any manner, including advertising, publicity or any commercial or non-commercial nature without our express written consent. Right to Refuse, Suspend or Terminate Service.

Expiration of Service
QB customer support inc  reserves the right to expire and prepaid and unused professional time and service that remain on your account if such has not been used within 6 months of your original purchase date or the opted plan period. QB customer support inc, Inc shall have no duty to notify you of our decision to expire the professional time or unused services.

Minimum Requirements for Service

You must have a broadband or high speed connection to the Internet to receive service and your computer must be actively connected to the Internet through a broadband or high speed connection at all times service is rendered or to be rendered by us. You must also have a registered, valid copy of Microsoft XP,Vista,Win 7,Win 8 or MAC installed as your system's operating software during all service periods. Your computer must be connected and operating while we are conducting repair, diagnosis, or downloading software or otherwise installing repair-related materials. You must allow us to download and install recommended software, including software that will require you to pay a licensing fee if ample freeware is not available and you will be responsible for all licensing fees and registrations for the same. You also agree that we may remove any software that is creating conflicts or is otherwise determined by us to be harmful or otherwise disruptive of the appropriate efficiency or working of your computer. We will endeavour to gain your prior approval before we install software or delete software, but you agree that we may delete and/or install software at our sole discretion without your prior approval if we deem it, in our exclusive discretion, to be in your best interest for us to do so and you agree to hold us harmless from any loss/failure of any nature relating to our installation and/or deletion of software on your computer. If you have Microsoft Vista installed on your computer, you may be required to disable your User Account Control (UAC). If you do render inoperative the UAC, you understand that your computer may be vulnerable to malware and other harmful programs and scripts during the short period that we are accessing your computer and you agree to hold us harmless from any failure and/or losses of any nature arising from this susceptibility of your computer arising from your temporary disabling of your UAC or your failure to correctly and promptly re-establish your UAC protections. You agree that you will promptly reactivate your UAC as instructed by us when we expire our access to your computer.

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