EDI & Drop Ship Accounting

For every business EDI has become a necessity to achieve maximum competitiveness and growth.  It helps to cut down the cost involved in whole business process while improving the operational performance of the organization.

These benefits are possible with an EDI expert only, but don't worry even if you are not, we will make EDI easy for you. QB Customer SupportInc simplifies EDI implementation by delivering robust EDI solutions. We help you automate business process to trade and exchange with your worldwide clients efficiently.

We can provide you with complete EDI integration and implementation services as per your specific needs. With QB Customer SupportInc EDI integration solutions get full integration of EDI with your ERP and back end systems for smooth workflow.

At QB Customer SupportInc, you can have an access to four essential EDI components.

1. Web based EDI tool to translate accounting information into EDI format
2. EDI mapping to sync accounting system to customer's system
3. Transaction network to send and receive transactions
4. Consistent EDI maintenance services

Drop Ship accounting

Those who run e-commerce businesses face many logistic issues on daily basis while dropshipping products from suppliers to customers. If you are one of them who is often slapped with expensive chargebacks from your retail trading partners or frustrated from receiving orders in multiple formats, something is not going good with your online business. With QB Customer SupportInc drop shipping services, get a competitive advantage. Increase your business revenue with the same headcount by implementing our EDI solutions.

From reducing cost per transaction, reducing manual interference to transmitting data reliably and speedily through world class technology, in every possible manner we intend to give you an effortless electronic information exchange through ecommerce website, ERP, suppliers and trading partners. In short, with our dropship accounting services order management can be simplified and made more effective.

Why our EDI & Drophip Accounting services?

1. Increase in sales
2. Complete end-to-end EDI solution
3. No manual data entry, more accuracy
4. More orders are processed in less time
5. Real time inventory and price updates
6. Better vendor scorecards to become a preferred partner


If you are running an ecommerce portal, an end-to-end EDI integration with trading partners can give a boost to your business. EDI is considered as an amazing way to conduct business transactions. Documents will be sent faster than faxes or emails to speed up your business cycle by 61% approximately. Ecommerce integration also allows you to receive and process orders at an enhanced pace. Your EDI trading partners would be directly integrated to Quickbooks and thus with no manual process orders are processed in real-time.

Not only this, your customers will also be able to track and receive their orders quickly, giving you their loyalty. QB Customer SupportInc do EDI testing, mapping and give assistance to scale your business while maintaining the same headcount. Not to forget, with EDI setup you can send and receive orders in one format only. As big box retailers rely on EDI because of the efficiency and speed associated with it, you too must implement EDI to become their preference.



Many consider outsourcing of bookkeeping services as an overhead cost or as a non core activity to fulfil taxation and statutory obligations. However, bookkeeping is an imperative task to keep a good record book of your all ongoing and past transactions, pertaining to your business operations.
Start-up firms and businesses that run on small scale generally face many financial crunches. For such cases, hiring a team of smart team of bookkeeping, without a doubt, is a monetarily a big advantage. This is where the bookkeeping services by QB Customer SupportInc come into a landscape.

Why our book keeping services?

Unparalleled and reliable assistance.
Transparency in record-keeping tasks
Certified, professional accountants
Extensive experience and unmatched expertise

We would help you to conduct your business profitably by updating your books beforehand. Whether you need full time assistance to take care of invoicing and payroll or need an experienced bookkeeper to do bank reconciliations, we have a solution for every financial aspect of your business.

Our highly qualified experienced team of accountants can do :

1. Reconciling Bank Accounts
2. Reconciling debtors and creditors
3. Prepare financial and management reports, budgets and cash flow forecasts
4. Processing and reconciling superannuation payments
5. Prepare fixed asset register and depreciation
6. Management of inventory control
7. GST/BAS preparation and lodgement
8. Hire purchase assets recorded with schedules and work papers

By choosing QB Customer SupportInc bookkeeping services you can have complete confidence that you will get value for money and lots of time to focus on other important attributes of business.

Quick Book data (company file) issues

Restore backup of the quicks data file ,resolve issues related to establishing direct connection with the data file ,resolve issues related the filebase servers connectivity issue in msxml, odbc and sql verify and rebuild company file.Quickbooks crashas,while opening company file resolve the data resolve the issues related to quickbook pro update Errors

Quickbook Technical Issues

Failure to re-install quickbooks resolve the issues related to installation,upgrade and uninstallation troubleshoot General errors and specific errors resolve issues related to downloading the bank feeds resolve batch printing of Cheques not working unable to import iifor qbo files ,unable to send accountant's copy,unable to import accountant Changes

Quick Books Accounting issues Related to :

Accuracy of transations and scheduled transaction reporting of accounts quockbooks printing checks unable to show all Items in the items list .create invoices and bills ,create income and expense account.match balances with bank account Or reconciliation of account ,improperly showing customer names,inventory management multi-user login.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We possess a rare combination of certified and affordable accounting and bookkeeping experts to ensure the ever lasting Relationship with our valuable clients like you .we minmize the cost as well as efforts required for hiring and Training the new bookkeepers as we take care of your outsoureced bookkeeping requirement.enable yourself to take Expeditions decisions for your business by letting us give you the comprehnesive financial business picture

Our Accounting and Book keeping Services include:

Auditing current bookkeeping processes providing administrative services basic bookkeeping including accounts Receivable,account payable ,general ledger and payroll compiling the financial statements,reviewing the financial Statements,reconciling the bank and credit card statements ,integrating quickbook ,excel and third party software Preparing state payroll tax reports ,preparing federal tax report sales tax return.

Time tracking

Our certified experts analyse the past and current picture of your business along the future possibilities.doing so,our Accountingand bookkeeping experts help you with determining the most profitable customers,business Asociates , employess, resources and products for your business

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